5 Yoga exercises to stay fit

Yoga –  It is a type of exercise in which you move your body in different position to become healthy, fit and strong. Yoga can help to improve your breathing. It can also help to relax your mind. When you do exercises it helps to recharge your body with energy. It helps you to remove negative thoughts from your mind. It is also important for children to helps in attention and focus.

 There are various types of exercises which can move your body according to different exercises.

  1. Standing forward bend (Uttanasana)

Stand on yoga mat straight in relaxed position. Now bend your body down and touch your ankles with your hand and in front of your knees keep forehead position.  It also clear with name easily.


  1. The  abdominal muscles activates with this exercise.
  2.  It reduces stress, depression from our body.
  3. Your spine keeps strong and more flexible.
  4. It removes the pain in the spine, neck and back.
  5. When you bend forward it helps to stretcting your body. 2.Vrikshasana (Tree pose)

It is very simple position like a tree pose. In modern yoga as exercise it will remains popular. This pose improves your body balance. It will helps to stability in the legs. In other aspects of life it helps to achieve balance on a metaphysical level. It becomes more reliable help to maintain your body with breathe in and breathe out slowly. Make a point, focus on that point and maintain balance.

3. Balasana (child pose)

Balasana  sit on the floor with bent knees. It is also called child pose. After doing various types of yoga positions not gives you to chance to take rest. But this position can help you to take rest. Balasana is like a relaxation pose.

  1. With the help of this pose it  relieves neck , lower back pain.
  2. It sretches your muscles.
  3. It keeps your body strong and healthy.
  4. A significant elent of child pose is breath control.

4. Dhanurasana (bow pose)

Lie down with your belly it is a dhanurasana. Your face upward  position and keep hands beside you. Your legs difference 6 inches distance from one another. In this position hold your breath. When you feel discomfort or strainon your back then come back to your position.

  1. To reducing weight it is most effective way .
  2. With this muscles can be strong.
  3. It  improves the blood circulation.
  4. Also helpful to maintain the digestive system.

5. Baddha konasana (cobbler pose)

With regular practice of yoga you can be ready to stay healthy strong . Baddha konasana  helps you to shape your thighs.

With straight spine sit on your yoga mat and touch your feet each other. It is also called butterfly pose. It is very simple. It has lot of benefits.

These asanas must be practiced early in the morning.

Make sure you leave a gap between your meals and doing exercise.  Make sure that you can comfortable with this exercise.

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