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Can Staining Happen in Dental Implants?

Dental implants are designed to offer an alternative to natural teeth when the latter have lost their ability to function the way they used to. However, if you are getting dental implants you must also note the aesthetic improvement these implants can offer.

There are many reasons you could lose a tooth such as aging, poor oral care habit, and accidents. But, even if you lose a tooth, dental implants can give you a fresh start with natural-looking implants that function like natural teeth. Practicing good oral hygiene is important to keep dental implants as white as your natural teeth. But do implants stain? Read on to know the answer:

Dealing with Implant Staining

In general, tooth staining is not an issue with implant dentaire because they have a glazed finish that protects them. But, this finish can be damaged which cause the implants to be stained. Also, staining can take place along the gum line under the implants. You can protect your implant’s finish by avoiding toothpaste with high levels of baking soda and silica because they can wear the surface away. In addition, think about minimising your intake of foods and drinks that stain natural teeth such as berries, red wine, tea, and coffee. If you really need to consume these items, always brush and floss right away afterward.

Moreover, it is best to avoid smoking tobacco products since they can wreak havoc on your oral health. Using tobacco heavily and regularly can devastate the gums and healthy jawbone.

Ensuring a Seamless Blend

But, if your problem is your natural teeth getting stained, you should have them whitened to restore their shade and make them look as white as your dental implant. Typically, this is the best solution which offers a renewed, whitened smile, ensuring a great blend between your natural teeth and the color of your implant crown.

After undergoing a dental implant procedure, you gain access to expert advice in terms of how to maintain your implants. While maintaining them is similar to maintain your natural teeth, you need to take into account other things. Your dentist should discuss this with you to help you make the most out your implants.

With proper care, you can enjoy healthy, natural-looking teeth for a lifetime through the power of modern dental implants. The simple guidelines above can help your implants and natural teeth blend seamlessly and prevent them from experiencing discoloration.

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