We hear it all the time. Everybody knows that “every child is different”. Every children have different hair colour, skin colour, length. But all babies have the exact some basic needs. In this sense, all babies are the same, but every child is unique in their own way.

with the help of different styles and music is to correct the mistake and restore the child. The child was taking Every child is different, no two children are same, including identical twins. Children differ physically, socially , intellectually and emotionally. Children of a particular age are common needs and characterstics. Parents and teachers must be understood their children in his uniqueness.

“Every child has a unique style. Not only in form of learning, dancing, sports but also in form of  success also.”

All children have different strength and style. Some are good at music others at sports. some are very intelligent in their studies but others are not. Some children are good sleepers and others are doing their study at night.

If we believe that every child is unique then it means his/her capacity is different, his/her learning method are is different, needs, IQ,EQ also different from others. Then the question arise in mind how can we treat all of them in a same way?  

For example: In a school, fifty students in a class with one teacher, many have sixty or seventy students also in class. This is a clear case lack of understanding of the essence of education. Some students easily understand the things and some are not. Because every child is different. One more example a teacher teaches alphabets in class. Some students understand this in simple way like ABC song, some understand alphabet letters, some understand each letter has a name, some knows it uppercase letters and lowercase letters. It means every students learn it in his unique way.

 Every child is intelligent in one area. They learn better when teaching method in easy way which they understand easily. Observing a child is very important. Spending more time with your child understanding their capabilities and letting them fly in that direction.

In the movie Tare Zameen Par the child was forced to learn in a way that he would never understand. Parents and teachers have more expectations from that child. But child was not understand all these. But fortunately interest in this. Teacher sees a great potential in this child. There is a spark in every child that needs to be discovered.

All the five fingers of our hand are not same nor they do any work in same way. If we are trying to make the five fingers in same length which is very dangerous.

I believe every child is unique and can do anything they put their mind to.

Every child is like a star and they each have their own special way of shinning in the sky.

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