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Fun and Flirty Ways to Perfectly Style Your Almond Shaped Nails

Almond nails are the perfect way to create the illusion of long, slender fingers while still looking incredibly natural and beautiful. And, because of their inherently natural shape, they present the perfect opportunity for you to explore different fun and exciting nail designs and colours to play around with. Here are a few different ideas that you should definitely check out that can take your manicure to the next level today.

Clean and Classic

If you’re looking for something that will give you the perfect, well put together look, then staying simple and classic is always a great way to go. By painting your nails a light, nude colour, you’ll be giving off a sense of ease, while still looking elegant and refined. This is a great way to give yourself that perfect finishing look without drawing the attention away from your overall outfit. Continue the natural essence of the almond shape, and choose a colour that matches your skin tone so that your hands will look effortlessly chic.

Ombre Fade

Another great look for almond-shaped nails will be to fade out in an ombre style. And this can be a great way to bring new and fun colours into your life without feeling like you’re going overboard. Start with a bolder colour like dark purple or teal on the tips, and slowly let it fade out into a paler, more laid back version of that same colour or even into white. The more differentiated the colours are, the more of an impact you’ll be able to make, so make sure that you decide just how much of a “wow” factor you really want.

A Glittery Edge

If you’re looking for something that will be the perfect balance between clean and fun, then adding a glittery edge to your almond nails is a perfect way to go. First, paint your nails a light, easy colour like pale pink or beige. Then, take a beautiful gold glitter polish and create a thin line around your nails to create an edge outline. This is a great look for anyone who’s looking for something a bit flirty and exciting without going over the top and drawing all the attention to their hands. This look will give you that extra bit of fun without pushing things too far out of your comfort zone.

Galaxy Nails

On the other hand, if you’re looking to really make a statement with your nails and show off your exuberant personality, then trying out some galaxy designs on your almond nails will be perfect. First, in order to create that dark and unknown effect, paint the base of your nails black. Then, you’ll want to take a sponge and randomly add on bits of teal in different areas around each nail. After, take the sponge and add on a white path of stars. You don’t need to make it a straight line, but be sure to keep it flowing. Next, take a dark blue and sponge that following the star path to create a sense of dimension. Afterward, add a touch of purple or pink here and there to give it that extra bit of colour. Finally, take a toothpick and dot around little white “stars” to get that perfect, finished look that will leave people gazing at your hands forever.

Golden Cheetah Print

Another option for someone who loves to make a statement will be fun animal prints such as cheetah. This is a look that will leave people loving your bold and over the top personality. First, you’ll want to take a glittery gold or silver and apply it as a base coat to create an exciting backdrop. Then, take a brown polish, and, with a toothpick, create little circles randomly around the nail. After the brown has dried, take a toothpick and start creating an imperfect outline of black around the brown circles. This will give you the perfect cheetah effect to match your quirky and fun personality.

Mix of Matte and Shine

A great way to show off your elegant and mature sense of style will be to create a combination of matte and shine on your almond nails. Find a colour that comes in both types of finishes. Then, you will first apply a coat of the matte polish on every nail. After this has dried, take nail tape, and apply it in various angles across your nails. Now take the glossy polish and apply that, creating a dual effect on the nails. If you’re looking for an understated look that will still give off a sense of style, then this is the perfect way to add something a little extra to a classic approach.

Glitz Up the Ring Finger

Because almond nails are such a natural shape, adding a little extra glitz and glamour can be a great way to give yourself that sense of something special. Consider painting your nails a beautiful shade of lavender or peach and then taking rhinestones and using them to “paint” the nail of your ring finger. This will be a great way to get that added luxury without having to go over the top with jewellery and accessories. And because almond nails are so classic looking, you won’t have to worry about feeling like you’ve gone overboard at all.

Upside Down French

If you’re looking to stay simple and elegant but still give off a sense of fun, then choosing to do an upside down french manicure will be the perfect way to show off the shape of those almond nails. By adding the lighter line across the bottom of your nail bed, you can still get that chic and timeless look with just a little bit of a twist. Take things to the next level by painting your nails a matte black and creating the line with a glittery gold or silver to really make a statement.

Your nails are meant to be an expression of who you are. Keep these fun and flirty styles in mind, and give your almond nails a beautiful new look today.

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