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Get to Know about Wide Variety of Services Provided in Spa Treatment

When you hear the word spa the first thing that comes to your mind is massage and face mask. However, not many of us know that there are a lot many services included in a spa treatment. Some spa resorts are exclusively meant for people who wish to go for spa vacation. Hence, the business owners ensure that they have everything from massage to sauna. This way a person gets all the services from head till toe.

The best part of different treatment is that you can get services that you require the most. In Montreal, which is a province in Quebec, you can get various spa resorts as the water in south shore is known for their vibrant and energetic source of power. If you ever plan a trip to Montreal then go for a spa vacation. If you’re not aware of the best spa centre, then type spas near me in Montreal which will guide you with the best rated massage centres.

Here are different kinds of treatment that are provided in a spa–


Facial improves the facial skin by cleaning, scrubbing, steaming, massaging cream and applying mask. It increases blood circulation and removes dead cells from your face. The massage also helps in hydrating skin which helps in treating problems like acne, pimples, dark circles, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc.


Improvising facial skin isn’t only important but your body also needs rejuvenation. Scrubbing the whole body to remove dead skin and then using sea salt to exfoliate post which the whole body is moisturized for hydration. There are different kinds of body treatments like aqua therapy, body wraps, vichy shower and body polisher. You can understand various benefits of the treatment and accordingly select one.


Massage is most common treatment for which everyone visits a spa. The hand movement with long stokes on partial or entire body helps in relaxing mind and body. Massage helps in increasing blood circulation which improves oxygen and nutrients circulation in the body. Different kinds of massages are used for different purpose. For example, Swedish massage is supposed to be a common massage used in every spa, deep tissue massage at spas is used to treat problems like osteoarthritis or sciatica and prenatal massage is for pregnant women who have constant pain in their lower back.


Manicures and pedicure are also provided by salons where you will get it at cheaper price. However, in spa when you get nail treatment they do scrubbing, exfoliating, shaping and painting nails. They also apply hot cream or hot stone for paraffin treatment.

Hair removal

Hair removal or waxing is a way to remove extra hair from body. This can be from chest, legs, arms or eyebrow. However here, instead of razor, hot wax is used. Hot wax is applied on the area and a long strip is placed on it. Further which the strip is instantly removed from the skin which pulls all hair from that part. Sometimes, instead of wax other natural ingredients are used which are less harmful on sensitive skin like Aloe Vera.


Medical treatment is provided in limited spas because it includes Botox injection, laser treatment, microdermabrasion, CACI face lifts Juvederm and so on. All these treatments are obtainable at a physician’s clinic. However, some spas have license to perform these tasks.

Now that you know different kinds of treatment provided by spas, you can count on them when you want a specific treatment. Hence, in one price you can get all packages.

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