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Hair Transplant Procedure with the Expert Hand in India 

The procedure of hair transplant is a sophisticated task of the combined activity of both the surgical as well as the artistic concern. It has been found out that around 60% of men all over the world are affected by the genetic hair loss and remaining 40% of women are affected by the same, however, the treatment of hair transplant has a huge demand in today’s scenario. The hair transplant in India is a prominent option for hair loss patients as it offers the best affordable cost suited to every economic group of the people. Therefore, the patients from all over the world take interest to visit India to receive the hair transplant procedure done in India.

First of all, it is important to know what the hair transplant procedure is and how it influences the regrowth process of hair. The procedure involves the transferring of hair roots from the donor part of the body or scalp to the areas where baldness is affected. Thus, the procedure involves the shifting process in which roots are extracted or taken from the areas that are not generally vulnerable to balding such as back and sides of the scalp. Therefore, the roots received during the procedure are permanent and never shows the effect of miniaturization or hair loss.

It is a very important consideration in the procedure that how the effect of artistic skills influences the outcome of the procedure. Therefore, the aesthetic concern in the surgery has a significant role in order to meet the aesthetic goal of the surgery.

In this article, we are describing the role of an expert hand of the surgeon to meet the desired cosmetic goal of the hair transplant procedure as follows:

  1. The Artistic Skills of the Surgeon: The artistic skill of the hair transplant surgeon is measured on the basis of getting the original/natural hairline design as well as the best aesthetically implantation matched with the original pattern of hair growth. In order to meet the aesthetic goal of the surgery, it is the duty of the surgeon to create the hairline design in such a manner that every angle and direction of hair roots will find the natural pattern after the implantation of the grafts. The artistic skill is measured on the basis of the precision and proficiency of the surgeon that makes a surgeon able to take a logical decision.
  2. The logical decision ability: The logical decision ability of a surgeon tells about the sense that is needed to utilize the available donor hair as well as the decision of performing the hair transplant surgery at the right time with the right technique of the hair transplant procedure. This is the logical sense that makes a surgeon able to utilize the donor grafts according to the available grade of baldness and one can choose the same as required by the particular area’s need. Since the frontal areas of the scalp need the slim grafts to fulfil the need of the hairline design as well as the chubby grafts are required to cover the crown and the mid-crown areas of the scalp.
  3. No more complications: If a procedure is performed by the expert hand of the surgeon, there will be a very less chance of complications. An expert surgeon has a true sense of performing the surgery with the artistic concern and surgical precision that helps in meeting the desired aesthetic goal of the surgery. An expert surgeon knows about each and every aspect that can help in meeting the cosmetic effect, thus they perform the surgery in such a manner that the donor hair will be utilized aesthetically and pattern of hairline will give the utmost natural effect of the surgery. 


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a truly combined activity of both the surgical as well as the aesthetic task that is required in the percentage of 60% and 40% respectively. However, choosing the destination for the procedure or surgeon always be introspected on the basis of the expertise and proficiency.

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