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Make Your Dental Implants Everlasting By Following These Nutrition Tips

Gone are the days when a lost tooth could be replaced with a wooden piece. Lost teeth can now be replaced with dental implants that look and feel totally like the natural teeth, but new ones. It is essential to understand that the implants still need care and maintenance even though they are not real teeth. You have invested your time, money and effort to get your teeth implanted, you have to invest the very same in its care and maintenance as well. Having a good nutrition guarantees you the same.

Take some strategic decisions after oral surgery

The nutritional decisions that you will make pronto following your oral surgery will have a significant impact on how your implant dentaire will heal. Consuming a lot of vitamin C is associated with a fall in a periodontal disease escalation and consuming green tea and its extract is deeply associated to the inhibition of periodontal pathogenic growth.

Your eating choices impact your oral health significantly

If you are making smart and wise nutritional choices, you can shield your dental implants against damage and make sure that they last longer. The very moment, the food enters in your mouth, changes begin to take place. If the foods you are consuming are super loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, they can immediately transform into acids. Those acids can start attacking the teeth and triggers decay. By replacing the highly processed, super sweet foods with fresher and more nutrition rich options, you can avoid a plethora of dental problems and even empower your teeth and gums to stay as healthy as possible.

Also, consider the pH balance as well

Many people fail to realize the pH level of their mouth when they don’t care about the food they are consuming. Your pH level is determined on a scale from 0 to 12 where 7 is considered neutral. Lower pH number means more acidity. Orange juice has a pH level of 3 and black coffee has pH level of 5. When the pH level of your body goes beyond the pH level of 7, negative consequences take place such as inflammation, fatigue, headaches, and ulcers. By staying away from the acidic foods and consuming more of an alkaline diet, you can support your body’s pH level and protect your oral health at the same time. Also, most of the acidic foods have a lot of added sugar content, so cut on the processed food like soda, pasta etc. to bestow your body with multiple benefits. Replace these acidic food choices with water, unprocessed foods, organic foods, natural sweeteners and a lot of green veggies.

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