Thank you god for everything that of those around me, especially for my happiness. It will be faithful forever. Good times that will be in the memory forever allowing me to share with family and friends. Everything will possible to make me proud because of you.

Dear God, if you had not sent mother to earth, this world completely changed much worse and without any hope. God you are always be every time with me but you sent mother in form of you.

Looking back few years ago, when I was just a small girl I have a dream to become  a good teacher , doctor ,lawyer. Because of many problems my dream not  becomes true. So I didn’t become  a lawyer, doctor or teacher. When I get married then  I wanted to be a mom like my mom. Really praise  to god for mothers who sacrifice their time for our happiness and give freedom to be ourselves. Mother make our home a place called unconditionally love and desire only the bond of togetherness. Mothers patiently try to understand us and always overlook our faults with love and care. Mothers don’t expect anything from us.

Many of us are moms and grandmoms  and bless to have mothers with the grace of only God. When I most needed as a mother you came into my life thanku god for everything.  Always beginning of world filled with light and unconditionally love.  Mothers will not give up in every situation , he really knows what to right or what to wrong for their kids. When god made mother because he knew that was what the babies needed most.

When a baby is born only a mother can handle them . A little baby sit on mother’s lap and looked up in his eyes. Only a mother understand what he wants. Mother didn’t care about the shape of her body. He only cares about the size of her heart.

Dear God I wanna take a minute not to ask for anything from you but simply grategul to you to give me a such a wonderful mom.

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